6 Websites Types You Can Build Using WordPress


WordPress is a website-building platform that's extremely easy to use and versatile. You can use it to create different types of websites, and that's made possible by the numerous themes, add-ons, and plug-ins you can either buy or get for free. These WordPress add-ons and plug-ins make it possible to tweak a website to suit any desired function and appearance.

Here are some website types you can create using WordPress:

1.A Personal Site or Blog

WordPress is a tool that you can rely on in the creation of a personal blog or  http://www.wppourlesnuls.com/creer-blog-wordpress/ website. There are many support tools that can help give your WordPress site the look and purpose you need for blogging.

2.A Company Site

If you have a company, even if it does not do its business online, creating a website that showcases its portfolio is a great idea. You can use WordPress to create a professionally looking website for your company, which your potential customers as well as other stakeholders can checkout to learn more.

3.An eCommerce Site

There are WordPress eCommerce stores. These come complete with all the ensavoirplus features, including shopping carts, that buyers require to shop online. There are plug-ins that can help give your WordPress eCommerce site full functionality, including the ability to accept payments and handle stock. These platforms also take care of shipping, taxes, as well users.

4.Job Board

There's an increasing requirement for niche job boards that address the demands of specific industries. It is possible to create a niche job board using WordPress. The tool lets you create a platform where employers can post vacant positions which professionals looking for work can respond to.
5.Business Directories

Just like the case is with job boards, there's a soaring demand for business directories that specialize in specific industries. Using WordPress business directory plug-ins, you can easily build a business directory in any preferred niche.

6.Question/Answer Platforms
People are increasingly relying on the web to get timely answers for pretty much every conceivable question. You can use WordPress to create a website that provides answers to predetermined questions or random questions from random visitors. You could provide the answers yourself or create a platform where users provide the questions as well as the answers.

There's no limit to what you can do with WordPress. The existence of premium as well as free themes and plug-ins means that you can create pretty much any website type using WordPress.