Benefits of Learning Web Design with WordPress


An online presence means a lot to the growth of your business. Whether small or big, in this present age, your business requires a website. There are many options you could opt for when creating an online presence for your business. So how does the choice you make affect your budget? Simply hiring a web designer or learning web design are the two major options you may have. If you go for the latter choice, you could decide to learn WordPress web design skills. The following reasons explain some of the benefits of learning web design using WordPress:

Ease of use

Can you use a word processor like Microsoft Word easily? If your answer is yes then you can handle WordPress too. You can customize the installation of WordPress through plug-ins, hard coding or both. 

It is free

If you are to hire a web designer to create a website for your business, you will definitely spend a good amount of money. WordPress will equip you with the knowledge to design your website at no cost. It is available on WordPress.org for free download. A lot of its plugins and themes are free as well.

Loved by Google

These days, almost everyone searches the internet using Google. It is the top ranking search engine. Google SEO expert Matt Cutts in a 2009 conference fully endorsed WordPress as one of the http://www.wppourlesnuls.com/hebergement-wordpress/ best content management systems on the market. 

It is open source

WordPress is an open source platform meaning that your web development team can twist its source code. You are even allowed to use its source code as a base to come up with a new product for your business.

Comes with plenty of support

The online platform of WordPress offers continuous technical support in case of hitches or minor issues. This cliquant ici support is free and very convenient. You therefore don't need to pay for support.

WordPress is portable

WordPress allows you to even transfer your website from one hosting company to another. This is because it is run by databases, which acquire information and show it to users.

It is flexible

In its earlier days, WordPress was not very flexible. However with the inclusion of numerous plugins over time, you can do almost everything with it from simple website design and blogging to top-notch e-commerce.

Allows for in-house development

With a variety of training resources online, you can now develop your website on your own or train a few employees on how to do it.

It looks good

WordPress has thousands of free and interesting templates. It also comes with a variety of themes and styles that will make your website unique and attractive.