How To Create a Wordpress Website


The process of creating a wordpress website is simple, even if you are not tech savvy. All you need in order to bring your skills up to speed is to read several guides and you are good to go. However, if articles are not your cup of tea, then there are plenty of visual media like videos or slides that can sort you out. Now process of creating your own site using WP is pretty straight forward as follows.

Buy Domain name and Hosting

First and foremost, while wordpress is completely free WPPourlesNuls, you need to purchase your own domain name and hosting in order to have your website online.  Having a unique domain is important as it differentiates you from your competitors. Your own hosting space also help your website load faster, something that creates a positive impression with your customers. You can buy a domain name and hosting from merchants who specialize in this kind of business.

Install Wordpress

Once you are done with purchasing a domain name and hosting, the next step involves setting up wordpress on your domain name. There are two ways to install wordpress on a domain namely: manual or automated. Many web hosting companies have simplified the process of installing wordpress using software. Using a manual method to install wordpress on your domain is no longer necessary. Through one click installs, the process is not only straightforward but takes a few minutes. You simply log on to your hosting account, go to the control panel and search an icon named wordpress. Once you've chosen the domain destination of your site,you just click install now and wordpress is installed on your host

Choose a Theme and plugins

Once you are done installing wordpress, you'll see a website  with a basic template.Since this template is the default for any person who installs a wordpress website, choosing a unique template that fits your business is necessary. There are plenty of  free as well as commercial templates that you can use on your site. Both options have standard themes,though commercial templates have more quality. Once you've chose your theme, you then install it then begin customizing it by adding pages, menus, widgets, post etc. Aside from installing themes, you have to install various plugins to to secure and add more functionality to your site

If the process is too much for you, then you can employ the wp pour les nuls services of wordpress experts who are freely available online or offline. The good thing is most of these professionals are affordable so you don't have to break the bank in order to create a site.